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This handy seat is also a decorative item for your home. The basic structure of the stool is the watermarked metal frame in which the seat is recessed. The round shape and elegant design give the stool a modern character. The noble metal and decorative feel on the upper side of the seat give the stool its very special and individual appearance. The model also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of seating comfort. The thick, padded seat is covered with a soft, velvety fabric, making the seat pleasant. The stool is ideal for coffee tables, such as coffee table, for example. Even in small rooms, the stool serves as a good seat, as it can be set aside to save space and removed when needed.

Product detail

Brand Kayoom
Model Cleopatra 225
Color Green - Gold
Matter Velvet fabric cover: 100% polyester, foam, iron, MDF, pine
Weight About 3800g
Seat height (cm) About 37cm
Size About 40cm (L) x 40cm (L) x 37cm (H)
Max.Charge Authorized (kg) About 110 kg
Quality BSCI, FSC
Peculiarities Velvet fabric cover with gold print, decorative metallic frame, oriental pattern.

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