Vintage Carpet - Esperanto 925

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KayoomSKU: 4ROMU-160-160

Cut: 160 x 160 cm
Color: CadetBlue
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This flat-haired carpet is convincing with its attractive and modern design. It can be integrated into a wide variety of interior styles and looks good, especially in retro or vintage interiors. The living rooms are complemented in style by this carpet and receive a warm atmosphere. With assorted furniture, accessories and decorative objects, you can create a pleasant atmosphere. The carpet and pattern are carefully finished with a warp all around. It also prevents the involuntary fraying of the battery.

Product detail

Brand Kayoom
Model Esperanto 925
Color White - Turquoise
Format Round
Weight About 1950g/m2
Total height About 10 mm
Composition 100% BCF polypropylene
Back 100% Jute
Parts Dining room, bedroom, living room
Maintenance Dry cleaning vacuum cleaner, in case of stains use a special product carpets
Adapted ground heating Yes
Peculiarities Long life, easy-to-maintain short battery, ultra-modern designs.

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